Best Paper Shredders 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Enterprises as well as small businesses, store heaps of old paper records and documents which lie unused for ages.  Even at our house, we need to shred unwanted piles of paper. In order to keep our home organized, we tend to go just discard piles of papers. you must be wondering why do you need best paper shredder! Let's find out.

But often our documents contain confidential information. So while shredding those unused documents, care must be taken to make sure that all private information is also destroyed, so that it does not feed the perpetrators of identity theft.

Now, in case of just a few papers, we can easily get the job done with our hands, by tearing the papers to minuscule pieces. But what happens when there are several stacks of documents all piled up for years? Tearing them manually will take ages to complete.

This is where we need the smart paper shredders of today.

Best Paper Shredder 2018 Wold

Best Paper Shredder 2018

What are the benefits of paper shredders?

The best paper shredders are the perfect instruments that we can use to destroy any form of documents containing sensitive information. These motor driven devices can easily turn any sensitive documents into paper waste such that no information remains comprehensible. From huge enterprises to small businesses, the benefits of paper shredders are useful for one and all.

Let us take a look at the various advantages of using paper shredding machines according to best paper shredder consumer reports, which make them indispensable office items.

  • Quick Shredding

A paper shredding machine helps to quickly destroy documents that contain sensitive information. Many of the corporate and business offices keep paper shredders beside the printer, owing to the location that is equally accessible to all employees.

  • Security of Documents

The main advantage of using paper shredding machines is to keep confidential information secure. Many of the paper shredding devices can also shred credit and debit cards, identity cards as well as CDs/ DVDs and magnetic tapes, along with financial statements, printouts with confidential information.

  • Reduced waste

Paper shredding machines can effectively turn unwanted paper and documents into confetti type pieces. This effectively reduces the overall space occupied by the waste. The compressed shredded strips of paper can be easily disposed of without much hassle.

  • Cost effective method

Previously, large businesses had to rely on other companies for document shredding work. This involved a huge amount of expenses as well as kept the procedure open to security threats. But with the paper shredding machines now in use, the additional expenses have all been curtailed thereby optimizing overall expenses of the companies. There are a variety of paper shredders now available at a varied range of prices, so you can easily choose one that suits your requirements the best.

Some of the best paper Shredder

Selecting the most suitable paper shredding machine for your use can be a pretty confusing task. Given that so many different types of paper shredders are now available at different price ranges, it only adds to our confusion while choosing the best one.

Here are some of the highest performing paper shredders for your convenience. These are reliable and deliver super performance too.

Let us check them out categorically, based on the type of cut that they provide. You must buy paper shredder which is best for you.

Confetti Cut Paper Shredders

1. Fellowes IntellishredTM PS-79CI Heavy-Duty Confetti-Cut Paper Shredder SHREDDER,PS79CI INTELLSHD  

Confetti Cut Paper Shredder

The smart Intellishred PS 79CI from the house of Fellowes is one of the high-end paper shredding machines. This device is known to be a high performer offering top class quality. This machine offers the best confetti cut for unused papers and is excellent when it comes to ease of use and instantaneous shredding. This device is the perfect choice when it comes to office paper shredding machines, owing to its heavy duty build and fantastic features. It comes with a paper tray that is 100 percent jam proof. This makes it perfect for long and continuous shredding work, without having to intervene to fix the tray.  

This Fellowes Intellishred Confetti-Cut Paper Shredder Machine comes with the uniquely formulated Intellishred technology, which makes it smart enough to stop automatically if you hand happens to come closer to it. This is the ultimate security function that inbuilt in this system so that it does not hurt or harm the users in any way. It accepts 16 sheets of paper at a time and processes them quickly into confetti pieces.  The 6-gallon waste bin that comes with this equipment is quite capacious. So there will be no need to empty the waste bin frequently. You can easily wait till the shredding work is over and then empty the bin after that.

This system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 yrs for the machinery and 7 yrs for the paper cutters. This is the best paper shredder to buy for if you are looking for long lasting product.


  • Long lasting build

  • 100% jam proof paper tray

  • IntelliShred technology for secure and safe operations

  • 6-gallon waste bin

  • Can accept up to 16 sheets of paper at a time for processing

  • Comes with rollers which makes it portable


  • Gets overheated quickly
  • More suited for medium level duty and not heavy duty

2. Fellowes Powershred HS-400 High Security Shredder

High Security Paper Shredder

The Powershred HS 400 paper shredding machine from the brand Fellowes is another product from their series of high-end paper shredding devices. This device delivers superior performance along with the greatest level of security to the users. It is ideal for a quick and instantaneous service and is bound to be the ideal choice when it comes to buying paper shredding machines for office use. This is one of the very long lasting heavy duty paper shredders that you will come across with a host of useful features.  

Designed to provide the best level of security for the users, this TAA Compliant paper shredding machine has been approved by the NSA for use at the enterprise level. It is built to meet the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 that is set for High Security Confetti-cut Paper Shredding machines. This equipment comes in a robust build and features a heavy-duty motor that can help to process 4 pages in one go at a speed up to 13 feet every minute. The automatic Start and Stop feature makes for a quick and hassle-free paper shredding process.

It comes with a wide nine and a half inch paper tray that allows continuous feeding of up to 80-column paper. The machine powers off on its own and even has got indicators in case there is a tray jam that needs to be attended to. There are indicator lights to signify users that the door is ajar and even when the waste bin goes full. The 8.25-gallon pull-out waste bin makes waste disposal very easy.


  • One of the best paper shredders with high security

  • Allows continuous paper feed for long paper 

    Shredding work

  • LED indicators for door ajar and waste bin full alerts

  • Automatic Start and Stop functions for energy saving


  • Very expensive model

Cross Cut Paper Shredders

3. MBM MBM4005CC Mbm 4005Cc Cross Cut Lrg - Capacity Office Shredder

Cross Cut Paper Shredder

This heavy duty and largely built paper shredding equipment from the house of MBM are ideal for use in large enterprises. Being designed to take on heavy duty load and long hours of uninterrupted paper shredding works at your office, this is one of the very popular choices in large corporate office buildings. This paper shredding machine offers premium quality of shredding and effectively reduces the size of paper size to a large extent. This machine offers the best cross cut of old papers and documents. It is widely used for its brilliant ease of use and instantaneous shredding features.

It comes with a paper tray that is guaranteed to never encounter paper jams. This makes it the ideal machine for long and continuous shredding, without the need to fix the tray in between. The paper feed throat is 16 inches wide and it can process 30 to 32 sheets of paper at one go. It comes with many useful features like automatic oil injection facility as well as a highly secure protective mechanism that prevents users from getting hurt. The electronic capacity control of this machine makes it one of the smartest paper shredding devices available today.

This MBM Cross Cut Paper Shredder is excellent for shredding CDs, DVDs, staples, and pins too, along with the paper. The waste bin is of a whopping 40-gallon capacity that makes it suitable for heavy use.


  • Energy savings mode present to make it a smart device

  • 40-gallon waste bin capacity

  • Can process 30 to 32 sheets at one go

  • Great to shred CDs, DVDs, pins, and clips too

  • Jam proof paper tray

  • High-security mechanism for protection of users


  • Belongs to the much higher range of the price bracket
  • Does not ship to all countries

4. Fellowes Quiet Fortishred 3850C Continuous-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder, TAA Compliant (4617801)

Paper Cross Cut Shredder 2018

Nobody likes extra noise in a peaceful working environment. That is the exact reason why Fellowes has brought to you the best high-end product in the market that works noiselessly while carrying out paper shredding tasks. This Quiet Fortishred 3850C Cross-Cut Shredder from the house of Fellowes is the ideal paper shredding system that is meant for office use. It is designed to take on departmental paper shredding tasks that can continue for long hours without the causing the slightest disturbance to those who are working there. This makes it exceptionally well suited for shared work spaces so that everybody can work peacefully.

There are several useful features in this cross cut paper shredder, which makes it one of the most popular models on the market. This comes with a powerful motor that can support long hours of paper shredding tasks at the office and its noiseless functioning makes for its ultra-quiet performance. There is a sheet capacity sensor that indicates when the capacity is full and helps to prevent paper jams. This achiness comes equipped with a safety shield that is controlled by electronic means. This feature instantly stops the shredder when the user opens it so that nobody is harmed.

This Fellowes heavy duty paper shredder shuts off automatically after detecting 30 minutes of inactivity for optimum energy consumption. It also comes with a wide 15 and ¾ inches paper feeding tray and a strong motor for non-stop shredding. It can shred up to 22 to 24 sheets of paper at a time into cross cut strips with a security level P4. The 44-gallon waste bin makes it easy to wait for it to get full and does not need frequent emptying of the bin.

  • Heavy duty cross cutting shredder meant for enterprise-level uses Ideal for long and non-stop shredding Comes with user protective shield to prevent injury Ultra quiet performance for shared work-spaces 44-gallon waste bin for easy use Energy saving with LED indicators


  • Very expensive product
  • The machine is very heavy and bulky

5. Bonsaii EverShred Pro 3S23 Heavy duty 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder

Best Paper Heavy Duty Cross Cut Shredders 2018

If you are looking for the best cross cut paper shredder which is moderately priced and also delivers top-class performance, then this product is bound to be your best bet. This Bonsaii EverShred Pro 3S23 paper shredding machine is ideal to destroy sensitive documents and other stuff like credit cards, CDs, and DVDs, paper clips as well as staples. The best part of this product is perhaps its ultra-low noise generation up to 58 dB, which makes it an ideal choice to install in your office or any shared work environment. It is great for long and non-stop paper shredding work and will function noiselessly without disturbing anyone around.

This paper shredding machine from the house of Bonsaii comes with a shredding speed of up to 7.2 feet per minute. It has got a run time up to 120 minutes without even halting for any reason. This is one of the best high-security cross cut paper shredding machine that can easily process 14 sheets at the same time and shreds them into particles that measure no more than 4mm x 35mm. It paper jam protection feature comes with automatic Start and Auto Reverse features, so that it can prevent any occurrence of paper jams. It is also designed to prevent overheating and overloading so that it remains in a perfectly flawless functional condition for the longest possible time.

There is a 6-gallon waste bin that you can simply pull out to empty it. Moreover, in order to empty the shreds of credit cards or CDs and DVDs, there is a separate chamber of the waste bin that is 0.37 gallons in size. This makes it easier to sort out the waste items before emptying them. You can easily see when the waste bin is full, through the small transparent window.

  • Comes with a Continuous run time up to 120 minutes 
  • Moderate price and top class performance 
  • Excellent to shred CD, DVD, paper clips, credit cards and staples
  • Noiseless performance
  • Auto Start and Auto Reverse functions that prevent paper jam


  • Only 6-gallon waste bin
  • No energy savings mode available here

Micro Cut Paper Shredder

6. Swingline LSM09-30 Super Micro-Cut Jam Free Shredder

Best Paper Shredders 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Super Micro Cut Paper Shredder

If you are looking for a top of the line micro cut paper shredder for using in your work place, this brilliant paper shredding machine from the house of Swingline is going to be the ultimate choice. You can shred all sorts of sensitive documents and cards using this device. Starting from DVDs, CDs to documents and credit cards, everything can be easily transformed into unrecognizable trash in a matter of minutes. The 30-gallon pull-out waste bin is ideal for long-term use so that you don't have to empty it frequently.

This Swingline Super Micro-Cut Jam Free Paper Shredding machine comes in a line bag frame along with plastic shredder bags that you can use to safely dispose of the waste produced. Or you can also use eco-friendly shredder bags from Swingline. You can easily use this paper shredding machine for long hours of non-stop paper shredding tasks and that too very swiftly. This Super Micro cut paper shredding device has been designed to take care of extra sensitive security standards and conforms to the security level P-6 while destroying documents. It can easily shred up to 9 sheets at a single time.

There are some marvellous features built into this equipment, which makes it very user-friendly. It comes with LED indicators that signify to the user when the paper tray is too full to function and might give rise to tray jam. The LED turns red when there is going to be a paper jam and it glows green otherwise. The smartest feature of this device it is the SelfOil feature that automatically delivers lubricant to the paper cutters for seamless functioning.


  • It comes with a built-in self-cleaning feature that prevents paper residue on the cutters

  • Ideal for shared work-spaces owing to its heavy duty build

  • The waste bin is of 30-gallon capacity

  • Comes with Eco-friendly waste disposal bags

  • LED indicators for alerting in case of a possible tray jam

  • Self oil feature that lubricates the paper cutters


  • The device is quite heavy for moving around
  • Very expensive product

7. HSM SECURIO B32cL4, 11-13 Sheets, Micro-Cut, 21.7-Gallon Capacity Shredder

Best Paper Shredders

Micro Cut Paper Shredder

The HSM Securio Micro cut paper shredding machine is one of those few devices available today that offers amazing features at an amazing price range. Moreover, it is just perfect for use by many people in large enterprises. You can use this device effectively, to shred up to 169 sheets of paper every minute, such is the speed and it produces 2,116 micro-cut shreds of paper for every page that is processed. Along with paper documents, this device can easily tear apart paper clips, staples and credit cards into unrecognizable waste elements.

This micro cut paper shredder is loaded with many useful features which account for its smartness. It comes with the JamStop Anti-Jam Technology that effectively prevents the tray from getting jammed due to paper overload. You can achieve non-stop and continual paper shredding with zero down time and minimum to no interference. There is also an inspection window which you can use to check the status of the paper bin. The waste bin is of 21.7 gallons so there would be no need of frequent emptying. The noiseless operation of this machine and the multifunctional buttons and reverse features make it very user-friendly.

The manufacturer has designed this device to be very eco-friendly too, by incorporating an Energy Management Control System that optimizes the use of energy and prevents any wastage. The safety of the users has been taken care of by UL Approval and CE-Certification. The pressure sensors make for a safe and secure paper shredding device. The cutting cylinder is robust and made of steel with a lifetime warranty


  • Multi functional controls come with reversing features for ease of use
  • Safe and secure device with UL Approval and CE-Certification
  • Noiseless function ideal for large offices
  • Easy to handle waste bin of capacity 21.7 gallon
  • Solid steel cutters with a lifetime warranty


  • It tends to get overheated during long hours of use

8 AmazonBasics 17-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder

best paper shredders at staples

paper shredders at staples

This micro cut paper shredder from the house of AmazonBasics is one of the most sought-after models, owing to its attractive price tag as well as the gamut of features that are available. You can easily and safely shred up to 17 sheets at one go using this device and there will be no need to remove staple pins and paper clips even. This device can cut through these metal clips and pins easily and turn them all into micro-sized waste elements. It can also be used to cut through CDs, DVDs, and credit or identity cards before you dispose of them.

The Amazon Basics High-Security Micro-Cut Paper Shredder delivers a non-stop shredding cycle for 2 minutes. At the end of each cycle, you will find the sheet of paper has been transformed into nearly 2235 confetti pieces, each of which measures about 4 mm x 12 mm in size. It also comes with an automatic start feature and a manual reverse functionality which can make clearing up paper jams really easy. It offers a security level of P4 and comes with a waste bin that can accommodate about 7 gallons of waste at a time. You can easily pull out this waste bin without much hassle and empty is of the paper waste.

The energy savings mode of this paper shredding device shuts it off automatically, after 5 minutes of inactivity. This is also a safety feature of this machine. Moreover, the automatic mode of this paper shredder is brought about the presence of sensors that start its functioning. It weighs just 38.2 lbs which makes it portable to some extent and this is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty of 1 yr.


  • High-security paper shredder that can process 17 sheets at a time
  • Excellent to tear through CDs, DVDs, credit and debit cards and paper clips 
  • Comes with sensors for the Auto Start feature
  • Noiseless operation
  • Energy savings mode shuts off the system after a minute of inactivity
  • Easy to pull out waste bin
  • Reasonable price


  • The reversible function is manual and not automatic
  • Might get overheated after a long duty paper shredding work

Strip Cut Paper Shredders

9. Fellowes Powershred 70S 14-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder with SafetyLock (4671001)

Best Strip Cut Credir Card Shredder

Strip Cut Credir Card Shredder 2018

If user security is your prime concern while buying a paper shredder for office, you must check out this product. This strip cut paper shredder from the house of Fellowes does a marvellous job when it comes to converting unused documents and CDs / DVDs into incomprehensible waste. It can shred up to 14 sheets of paper at a time and produce 37 strip cut pieces at one go. It can run continuously for about 12 minutes without interruption, after which you must allow it to cool down for about 20 mins. 

With this device, you can achieve medium duty paper shredding that is very reliable and safe. It comes with a patented SafetyLock feature that disables the device after a while and provides an additional level of security. There is also a safety interlock switch built into the Fellowes PowerShred system that automatically deactivates the paper shredder when the head is removed from the waste bin.

The waste bin that comes with this machine can hold paper waste up to 7 gallons. You can easily pull it out while emptying the trash. Since this is a strip cut paper shredder, with a security level of 2, it is better to be used to destroy documents that do not contain extremely confidential information. It comes with a manufacturer backed warranty period of 1 yr for the device and 5 yr warranty for the paper cutters.


  • Very safe and secure device for paper shredding tasks – comes with patented Safety Lock system 
  • Excellent to destroy paper, CDs, DVDs and metal clips
  • The PowerShred feature automatically deactivates the machine when the head is removed from the bin
  • Easy pullout waste bin
  • Comes with 1 yr warranty for the device and 5 yrs warranty for the paper cutters
  • Easy to pull out waste bin
  • Affordable price range


  • Not ideal for heavy duty shredding
  • Not recommended to shred highly confidential papers and cards

10. HSM Classic 90.2, 14-16 Sheet, Strip-Cut, 6.6-Gallon Capacity Shredder

Best Strip Cut Paper Shredders

Strip Cut Paper Shredders

The HSM Classic 90.2 Strip cut paper shredding machine is the ideal device that can deliver reliable shredding tasks without the slightest interruption and interference. You can destroy up to 180 sheets of paper in one minute and produce 38 strip-cut paper waste. Along with paper, you can also use this machine to tear apart CDs, DVDs, staple pins, paper clips and credit cards. Its quiet functioning feature makes it perfect for use in a shared work place like large offices.

This paper shredder from the house of HSM comes with a Zero Energy Stand-By mode that prevents the consumption of energy when the device is in the standby mode. Moreover, it comes with built-in Automatic Start and Stop functionalities with reverse function too. The paper cutter cylinder is made out of solid and robust steel which makes it long lasting for heavy duty shredding tasks. The steel cutters are also water resistant, which adds to the durability of the machine.

The HSM paper shredding machine comes with a waste bin of capacity 6.6 gallons which you can empty just by removing the top cover. This device is light and offers reliable performance for medium duty paper shredding. It is manufactured in Germany and comes with a lifetime warranty on the cutting cylinder.


  • Energy saving mode optimizes energy consumption

  • Shreds up to 180 sheets of paper per minute

  • Quiet operation makes it great for common work places

  • Solid steel cutters with a lifetime warranty on cutting cylinder


  • Not great for heavy duty shredding
  • Not recommended for shredding highly confidential documents

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Nowadays, with identity theft being one of the biggest concerns all over the world, we need to be extra careful while disposing of documents and cards that might contain confidential information. The best thing is to feed them to the paper shredders with a high security level, and turn them all into inconceivable waste within minutes.

Now, while buying the best paper shredder for your office, it is very natural to feel perplexed at the sheer variety that is currently available. There are several brands offering amazing diversity in their range and type of products, for which you might feel difficult to finalize on the most suitable one for your needs.

However, if you have your priorities set and in focus, you can easily zero in on the best paper shredders for your use.

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